PROMOTION (Jan to Jun 2018)


FREE Violin


for every


new sign-up!






Take this opportunity to pick up a second instrument. You will never know your potential if you do not try.



PROMOTION (Mar to Apr 2018)


* Colour Ukulele *


  Spring Promotion



    $22 per piece



   comes with bag.







If you are someone who is serious about learning the ukulele, you may want to consider these sleek and exquisite ones with fuller sound and more projection; good tuning precision and intonation such as the Mahogany Spruce top, plain or with ivory inlay - rosewood bridge, aquila strings, arch back body available for Soprano 21" & Concert size 23"; if you prefer Tenor large size 26" ukuleles, grab now while stocks last!  Other soprano range includes Basswood, Sapele, Okoume, Mahogany and Zebra-wood. Promotion range from $60 to $170! Each design includes free soft bag. You may top up $18 for a clip-on tuner value at $22.




Sign up any of our instrumental course and bring home a FREE instrument - keyboard, violin, guitar, ukulele, Erhu, Guzheng or Pipa. For more details, please contact the person-in-charge at 65625661.