At Liberal Music & Arts School, we provide a welcoming and exciting learning environment for students. Taking up music lessons is a direct approach to developing a lifelong appreciation and love for music. Whether you or your child are pursuing music instruction as a hobby or on a competitive level, learning to play a music instrument will help to create a sense of self-worth and a joy of learning. Regardless of the age at which people begin, music making provides great potential for enhanced quality of life and wellness.


Researchers believe music enhances one’s mind, improve one’s memory, develop positive social skills and most importantly helps cultivate confidence and discipline. We believe this is a key factor to one’s success in life. Your children may not turn out to be concert pianists, but they may become doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, engineers or teachers because they have been provided immeasurable opportunities to develop essential life skills. Music lessons enrich our lives by developing creativity and imagination and providing a lifetime of enjoyment.


Here, at Liberal Music & Arts School, we strive to always provide top-quality, passionate and committed instructors for your music-learning journey with us. Moreover, apart from having music lessons in class, our students are given opportunities to perform on stage during our school annual concert. It is through these performances that our students develop their self-confidence, showmanship and achieve maximum potential within themselves!


Our Mission is to:


Encourage every student to love and appreciate music. It is our belief that learning music is fun, enjoyable and most importantly, achievable! To accomplish this, our dedicated instructors will motivate students to be successful and inspire them to do their best. We will continue to cultivate the talents of students who are passionate about music and to enable all students to achieve their greatest potential!



We are looking for a full-time music instructor with minimum Bachelor's degree qualification, major in piano. Able to interact well with young children as well as adult students; responsible, committed and a good team player. Monthly salary of $4,000 will be offered to the suitable candidate. Other benefits and allowances will depend on your knowledge and skills. Please email your resume through our enquiry portal, stating your achievements and teaching experience if any.

Upcoming Events

Forthcoming: 2018 ABRSM Practical / Theory Exams

  1. Session One: 26 Feb – 29 Mar 2018. Registration opens from 16 to 27 Oct 2017.
  2. Session Two: 3 July 3 Aug 2018. Registration opens from 26 Feb to 9 Mar 2018.
  3. Session Three: 23 Aug – 28 Sep 2018. Registration opens from 9 to 20 Apr 2018.
  4. Theory Exam on 24 Mar 2018. Registration opens from 27 Nov to 8 Dec 2017.
  5. Theory Exam on 6 Oct 2018. Registration opens from 11 to 22 Jun 2018.



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